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Wild Berry Moonshine

By O'Donnell


25% ABV

If Um Bongo was alcoholic, this is what it would taste like. For those less familiar with the drink, look for hints of blackberry, tart raspberries, and sweet currants. Forget the juicebox - grab a bottle of moonshine.

O'Donnell Moonshine


Odourless, flavourless, potent and super smooth High Proof O’Donnell Moonshine is the real deal. This Manchester based business has recreated the elicit alcohol experience as would have been smuggled into the Chicago speakeasies by leading Irish American gangster, O’Donnell.

In the time of prohibition farmers took to their barns to create spirits under the light of moonshine using grains, potatoes or other veg disguising it in jam and honey mason jars as the authorities were on the look out for large bottle purchases. Also blended into delicious liqueurs, this moonshine collection is super drink-easy.