Our visit to Big Hill Distillery

We take market research very seriously as Tipplers, so what better way to learn about the multi-gold-international-award-winning ‘Spirit of George’ and ‘Rose’ gins, than a team trip to the Big Hill Distillery in Mobberley, Knutsford. In such a competitive market we discovered why these gins scale incredible heights to stand out.

A few of our tippling team, Louise, Di, Eileen, Nic, Holly, Laura & Briony.

Two drinking buddies Ben & Dave, started just over 2 years ago in what other place than a pub? So, the story goes after a few beers, it was time to sample a few of the pub’s gins, this became a regular habit and after a couple of visits the boys noticed the ever-growing selection of gins, so the guys decided to try their hand at their own version. Starting with just a smaller 1 litre still, they decided that their gin needed to represent them and where they came from.


George Mallory and wife Ruth

Were you aware that George Mallory, the famous mountaineer who took part in the first 3 British expeditions to Mount Everest was in fact a Cheshire lad – born and brought up in Mobberley, actually just round the corner from the Church Inn (home to the distillery) Well to the boys, and many local people, he is seen as a bit of a local hero and his story is part of the heritage of Mobberley. So, with George as their inspiration, the guys started working on the wonderful English Dry Gin creation… because they could!

The hand crafted gin has a mixture of over 12 botanicals, including your usual Juniper, Angelica, Oris Root and Liquorice adding that lovely sweetness. But what makes this gin stand out – is the flavours from the Nepalese Chia Black Masala tea, including cloves, cinnamon and ginger, the flavours Nepal. This gin falls into the classification of a London Dry 40 % ABV, but London doesn’t deserve all the credit, so the boys call it an English Dry.

big hill

With all these sensational flavours it stands out from most classical gins and has in fact won SIP Gold awards for the past two years over in San Francisco and a Gold in the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2019. These particular awards are judged as a blind tasting and so even without the wonderful story behind this Gin, it still stands up against some of the best in the world.


The love the guys put into this Gin really comes out in the flavour and after seeing a bit of the distilling process and meeting Ruth (the still) named after George’s wife, I would certainly recommend a glass of Spirit of George, with a wedge of Orange and Neutral tonic to really bring out the flavour. But in the age of pink gin, if Spirit of George, does not tickle your fancy, then give Rose a try, this is a 40% pink gin with flavours of Raspberry, Mint, Vanilla and Rose.

Now we’ve let you into Cheshire’s best kept secret, you might like to try a bottle or two.


The Tipplers