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Hello, we’re Dipple Tipple & Co

It's a pleasure to meet you. Here's a little bit about us...

We’re Dipple Tipple & Co – we source exceptionally delicious spirits and liqueurs from producers across the UK, and bring them together into an easy-to-shop online marketplace.

Founded by Laura Dipple-Johnstone, we are on a mission to bring the very best of British spirits directly to your door. Our collection of gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, moonshine and more is stocked and sold directly by us, meaning that you can rely on the service and delivery we’re famous for.

We search low and high to find the very best spirits and liqueurs from all four corners of the UK. All of the products on our website have passed our Tippler’s Taste Test, and are produced by creators that we know and trust. You won’t find these products on supermarket shelves.

Our creators are too busy pouring their passion and energy into producing the most delicious products, making them exclusive and difficult to come by. Dipple Tipple & Co is the best place to find undiscovered, up-and-coming, and secretive brands that you’ll fall in love with, one sip at a time.

The Exceptionally Delicious Stamp

Across our website, you will encounter the ‘Exceptionally Delicious’ stamp. This stamp highlights the products most loved by our team of Tipplers. Products earn the Exceptionally Delicious stamp after being taste tested by our entire team of tipplers – and only our favourites get this highly coveted award.

Our Brands

Riverside Spirits

We have travelled far and wide with our original ambassador artisan brand Riverside Spirits. Based in the heart of Cheshire, this family business evolved naturally from preserve making and now produces an extensive range of gin, rum, vodka and whisky liqueurs using only the finest of natural ingredients. They are deliciously versatile, and we have countless tried and tested serving suggestions to share with you.

O’Donnell Moonshine

Odourless, flavourless, potent and super-smooth High Proof O’Donnell Moonshine is the real deal. This Manchester-based business has recreated the elicit alcohol experience as would have been smuggled into the Chicago speakeasies by leading Irish American gangster, O’Donnell. In the time of prohibition, farmers took to their barns to create spirits under the light of moonshine using grains, potatoes or other veg disguising it in jam and honey mason jars as the authorities were on the lookout for large bottle purchases. Also blended into delicious liqueurs, this moonshine collection is super drink-easy.

Salford Rum

Inspired by flavours of the Caribbean, including the run and spice imports received into Salford Docks during the 1800s, Salford Rum is a tribute to the history, heritage, and people of Salford Docks.

Big Hill Distillery

The multi-award-winning Big Hill Distillery was conceived by founders David and Ben in 2017. On a mission to create an exceptional product to stand out at the height of the Gin renaissance, their Spirit of George gin was born. Not only do Big Hill’s gins taste and look good, but they have a great story behind them. This is one for real gin lovers.

Faith & Sons

Distiller Filipe Souza made a leap of faith with his raison d’être, wife Maria & daughter Madalena to move from Portugal to England and set about fulfilling his ambition. With mixology flair, Latin passion, wild creativity and perfectionism, he has created his widely respected micro-distillery Faith & Sons in Manchester.

No Name

Hailing from the now-famous Faith & Sons Distillery in Manchester, No Name gin liqueurs are handcrafted in small batches from a copper still, and burst with unique flavour combinations. For effortless mixing and a drink with a personality, look no further than No Name.

Broken Clock Vodka

Broken Clock Vodka is the result of three years of deliberate and unhurried contemplation by this northern distillery. Broken Clock takes inspiration from the timeless, beautiful surroundings of the English country garden, to bring their slow-paced, relaxed approach to vodka.

Forest Distillery

The Forest Distillery is nestled 1,200ft above sea level within the beautiful Macclesfield Forest in the Peak District National Park. The Bond family and a small team of weasels daily distil spirits of the very highest quality with an international reputation of excellence. Their goal is to make the best tasting products that they possibly can from the finest locally foraged ingredients, including clear natural spring water.

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